The chair establishes a new compulsory university teaching course on the EU (history and politics) as part of the DAMS three-year degree course in Cinema and Theater of the Link Campus University (LCU).
Ciak-EU! It consists of various research, teaching and communication modules. It is based on a multidisciplinary research and experimentation unit and is a complex and innovative system that represents, teaches and communicates the history of the European integration process and EU policies through cinema and the audiovisual world.
The JMC is experimenting with a new direction of studies on the EU by involving numerous students and also from other LCU degree courses through educational-seminar activities, a summer school and collaborating with other universities where JM projects are active.
CiakEU! is a project that brings together different skills using the language of cinema, TV series and documentaries to provide an original approach to the study of the EU, promoting academic and public debate on the future of the Union. The JMC is a combined research teaching/communication system that will evolve through research and debate over the three-year project, at the end of which it will become an integral part of the LCU curriculum, innovating the methods of teaching the studies about the EU.

The JMC will involve several partners who share these interests in research, teaching and public debate, thus structuring a new narrative-communicative modality for EU history and policies.
Ciak-EU! it also aims to go outside of LCU and its academic network of partners to interact directly with civil society, the world of entertainment, cinema and art in general, as well as with the sectors of communication and politics. Finally, to promote broad knowledge of the EU, the organization of a series of events on the topics covered is planned to disseminate research results through products, tools and collaborations with study centers and agencies specialized in European communication.

Contact us: ciak-eu@eulink.it