28 April 2023

The European colonial legacy: Europe in Africa/Africa in Europe

The seminar, part of the educational path of the Jean Monnet Chair “CIAK EU!”,
explores the post-colonial relations between Europe and Africa. The intent is to invite him/her
students to look at European history from the perspective of the histoires croisées that the different
European countries and their overseas dominions have woven from the balance of power
highly unequal intercultural contexts of the colonial situation. In this sense, we will analyze i
ways in which a reading of the emerges in television series
long-term consequences of colonial history and decolonization. So we will try it
to explore the hypothesis that the colonial legacy can be defined not only within a series
of national histories but instead within the context of a common European history.
The case study analyzed will be that of the questions opened by the Rwandan genocide: the historical responsibilities of the colonial experience and post-colonial ties of dependence, the transnational construction of competing narratives and memories on the genocide, the acts of
symbolic reparation towards the victims, the theme of justice and reconciliation.

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